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Board of Directors

Chairperson: Gavin Schlesinger, 2503-A Harriman Lane, Redondo Beach, California 90278, (904) 588-4670 Vice Chairperson: Greg Fritz, 16280 Andrie Street NW,  Ramsey, MN 55303-5313, (763) 274-1438 Financial Services: Mark Smith, 2644 Bridle Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 (925) 557-2231h, (925) 699-8817 c. Membership Services: Rob Merritt, 1320 West 5th Street, Duluth MN 55806-2339   (218) 590-6201 Special Services: Phil Parcells, 7227 Heath Markham Road, Lima, NY 14485-9508 Community Relations: Greg Taylor, 131 Boynton Court, Crawfordville FL 32327 (850) 728-3953

Managers and Volunteers

Editor: Thierry Frisch Publisher: Pam Lindsay Assistant Editor: Kamran Waheed,  6500 Saint Joe Rd, Apt: 610,  Fort Wayne IN 46835 Merchandise: Randy Goodling, 2046 Mill Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022-9401, (717) 367-6700 Technical Advisor: Greg Taylor, 131 Boynton Court, Crawfordville FL 32327, (850) 728-3953 MN-12 and Aerocat Technical Advisor: Eric Dess International Manager: Tim Glover, Oxton Birkenhead, Wirral, England Volunteer Coordinator: Rob May, Advertising Representative: Kamran Waheed, 6500 Saint Joe Rd Apt: 610   Ft Wayne, IN  46835 Historian: Scott Dyke, 1700 Kelly Ave., Crest Hill, IL 60435-2314, (815) 726-7905 (after 6 p.m. Central Time) Legal Advisor: Jody Heil, 500 Maple Ridge Road, Berlin, Wisconsin 54923, (920) 361-5258 Webmaster: John Rotella B.O.D. Member Log-in

Show Guidelines and Request Forms

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