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1968 Cougar XR7-G Option

In 1968, famous race car driver, Dan Gurney, signed with Lincoln-Mercury to promote cars that year and this special Cougar became Lincoln-Mercury's way of celebrating the contract. Although not a Dan Gurney Special -- which is a completely different car -- the G did stand for "Gurney". The XR7-G hit the showrooms in March of 1968. The only promotions were a full-page ad in the April 26, 1968, issue of Life magazine and a commercial ad for the power operated sunroof. The XR7-G package was based on certain equipment added to or in place of, the basic XR7 equipment. The special features included: Lucas fog lamps Unique hood-locking pins and lanyards a fiberglass, simulated air scoop a bullet-shaped, racing-type rear view mirror from Talbot shipped in from England GT exhaust extensions--a pipe-in-a-pipe chrome tips special XR7-G lower front and rear valances unique XR7-G emblems on the pillars, trunk latch, head light door, dash, and wheel center caps The spider-webbed wheels which were also known as "Rader Wheels". Lincoln-Mercury later recalled the Rader Wheels, replacing all XR7-Gs with the five- spoke style steel wheels. Lastly, all XR7-Gs had unique consoles with Shelby-type shifter handles, different than all other Cougars.
This 1968 Cougar XR7-G is owned by Jim Pinkerton. 1968 Cougar XR7-G