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Cougar Station Wagons

The Cougar station wagon was only available in 1977 and 1982. The 1977 Cougar wagon (also called the “Cougar Villager”) was actually based on the Ford Torino Wagon & Ford Torino Squire/Mercury Montego MX Wagon and Mercury Montego MX Villager wagon. Some wagons came with the brougham package. The standard engine for the Cougar wagon was the 351 2v, the 400 2v was optional. In '82 the Cougar station wagon returned for another and final year. Only two trim packages were available on the Cougar wagons, GS or Villager. The Villager package added faux rosewood body side applique, the GS package focused more on luxury. If you own one of these unique Cougars and have not registered it yet, please send your contact information along with the VIN and data plate information of the Cougar [and other documentation you have] and pictures to the address or email below so it can be accounted for.
1982 Cougar GS Station Wagons ↑ 1982 Cougar Villager Station Wagon ↓
If you happen to spot a Cat wagon on the prowl and are able to catch it or see one in “Cougar heaven”, please send the data plate information to this address or email below. Kamran Waheed C/O CCOA Cougar Station Wagon Registry 1419 Tierra Calle, Carrollton, TX 75006 USA cougarwagons@cougarclub.org
1977 Cougar Station Wagon