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Code Known Examples  Year Description AVOCAD73Color of Vinyl top BLACK67-73Color of Vinyl top BLUE70-73Color of Vinyl top BROWN70Color of Vinyl top GINGER70-73Color of Vinyl top GREEN70-73Color of Vinyl top PARCH67, 68Color of Vinyl top SADDLE72Color of Vinyl top WHITE69-73Color of Vinyl top HTBLACK70Black / White Houndstooth vinyl top   HTGINGER70Black / Ginger Houndstooth vinyl top  AC67-73Air Conditioning AM68-70, 72-73AM/FM Stereo radio FM71AM/FM Stereo radio CL67-70Courtesy Lights CS69, 70Collapsible Spare Tire DE71-73Dual Exhaust EC70EV/EM System, California-only EC71-73Emissions Controls, California & export only EX68Exterior portion of Decore Group GT67, 68GT Suspension GT69351 Performance Group IDG69, 70Interior Decor Group INT68Interior Trim Package BTRAC70-73Both Racing mirrors LHRAC70-73Left Hand Race Mirror CHR72-73Left Hand Chrome Remote Mirror LHCR72-73Left Hand Chrome Remote Mirror PB67-73Power Brakes PS68Power Steering PT69, 70Power Convertible Top PW69-73Power Windows RB67, 68Rear Bumper Guards RM68-73Rocker Moldings SBR70Automatic Seat Back Release SC67, 68, 70Safety-convenience package on non-XR-7s SPD67, 68, 69Speed Control STERO67AM 8 Track Stereo radio ST68-73AM 8 Track Stereo radio SUN69, 70Sunroof TILT67Tilt Wheel TW68-70Tilt Wheel VR67Vinyl Roof XR71-733/4 Vinyl Roof

1967 - 1973 Cougar Bucktag Codes

Updated 10/14/13
1971 Bucktag