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Cougar Club of America and the Mercury Stray Cats Western Regional

Cougar Show - Oakley, California June 26-30, 2014

CCoA thanks O’Reilly Auto Parts of Oakley/Brentwood, California for their support and sponsorship of our show.
WINNERS LIST CCOA Western Regional Show Oakley, CA. June 28, 2014 Class # Class Name 1 1967 Coupe First Place: Mike Warner; Spokane, WA - 67 Standard Second Place: Mike Hoffman; Ben Lomond, CA - 67 XR-7 Third Place: Steve & Sonia Spatola; Stockton, CA - 67 XR-7 Fourth Place: Steve Sutherland; Hanford, CA - 67 Standard 2 1968 Standard Coupe First Place: Michael McDermott; Pleasant Hill, CA Second Place: Dennis Pierachini; Daly City, CA Third Place: Godfried Kesse; Newark, CA Fourth Place: John Stavrou; Santa Rosa, CA 3 1968 XR-7 Coupe First Place: Mike & Chris Sanders; Santa Rosa, CA Second Place: Steve & Sonia Spatola; Stockton, CA Third Place: Mike Anderson; Burlingame, CA Fourth Place: Krisla Hart; Willard, UT 4 1969-1973 Coupe First Place: Jeff & Carol Bingaman; Federal Way, WA - 1970 Standard Second Place: Eric Braverman; San Francisco, CA - 1970 XR-7 Third Place: Rob & Julie Crowder; Oakley, CA - 1969 XR-7 Fourth Place: Stephen Crowder; Byron, CA - 1970 XR-7 5 1969 Standard Convertible First Place: Brian Goodman; Fremont, CA Second Place: Patrick Martin; Yorba Linda, CA Third Place: Juli Oatham; San Jose, CA 6 1969 XR-7 Convertible First Place: Steve & Zana Goulding; Spokane, WA Second Place: Alcinda Wolff; Roseville, CA Third Place: Mike Tenge; Sacramento, CA Fourth Place: Juli Oatham; San Jose, CA 7 1970 Standard Convertible First Place: Michael Kwok; Danville, CA Second Place: Robert Walker; Suisun City, CA Third Place: P aul & Tina Walker; El Sobrante, CA 8 1970 XR-7 Convertible First Place: Johnnie Holland; San Leandro, CA Second Place: Eric Braverman; San Francisco, CA Third Place: Leonora Curiel; Sacramento, CA Fourth Place: John Wills; Fairfield, CA 9 1971-1973 Convertible First Place: Ernie McPherson; Roseville, CA - 1973 10 1967-1973 Big Block & GT First Place: Landon & Karen Schadel; Grass Valley, CA - 1968 XR-7 GT Second Place: Stephen & Rob Crowder; Oakley, CA - 1969 XR-7 428CJ Third Place: Shelle McGee-Lucas; San Carlos, CA - 1968 XR-7 GT Fourth Place: Mark Smith; Walnut Creek, CA - 1968 XR-7 6.5 Litre 11 1968 XR7-G First Place: Scott Ferguson & Heather Whitaker; Delta, British Columbia Second Place: Gavin Schlesinger; Danville, CA Third Place: Mike Brown; North Hollywood, CA Fourth Place: Tim Tierney; Folsom, CA 12 1968 GT-E First Place: Brian & Cindy Aust; Silverton, OR - XR-7 427 Second Place: Gary Woodward; Sunland, CA - XR-7 428CJ Third Place: Darrell Stoehr; Sunnyvale, CA - XR-7 427 Fourth Place: John Swanson; American Canyon, CA - XR-7 427 13 1969-1970 Eliminator First Place: Anthony & Dee Sheakley; San Francisco, CA - 1969 Second Place: John Sutherland; Hanford, CA - 1969 14 1967-1973 Modified & Resto-Mod First Place: Bruce & Darby Sutherland; Lodi, CA - 1968 XR-7 Second Place: Dan & Valerie Linke; Gardnerville, NV - 1968 Standard Third Place: Lee Schenck; Elk Grove, CA - 1967 GT Fourth Place: Vinnie Schenck; Sacramento, CA - 1967 15 Other Ford Powered - all years First Place: Dan & Norma McCabe; Napa, CA - 1939 Mercury Second Place: Mike Groeniger; Eagle, ID - 1970 Ranchero 429CJ Third Place: Rob & Stephen Crowder; Oakley, CA - 1969 Lincoln Mark-III Fourth Place: Susan Calvert; Fairfield, CA - 2012 Mustang SPECIAL AWARDS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BEST OF SHOW: Brian & Cindy Aust - 1968 XR-7 GT-E (People’s Choice) Silverton, Oregon At The Sign of the Cat Award: Gary Woodward - 1968 XR-7 GT-E (CCOA Officers Choice) Sunland, California Top Cat Award: Mike Warner - 1967 Standard (StrayCats Officers Choice) Spokane, Washington Kid’s Choice Award: Juli Oatham - 1969 XR-7 Convertible San Jose, California Wounded Cat Award: Juli Oatham - 1969 Standard Convertible San Jose, California Longest Distance Driven: Mike Warner - 1967 Standard { 860-miles } Spokane, Washington
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